Seron Falls Short of Playoffs in eChampions League

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14. 05. 2024

Seron became the very first Czech to advance to the group stage of an official tournament organized by EA Sports, where he showed that he could play evenly against the world's best players. However, his performances in the tournament's group stage were not enough to secure a spot in the playoffs, so he bids farewell to this season. A total of 41 players from 34 European clubs were drawn into 8 basic groups. Seron played in a five-player group H, where three players advanced to the playoffs.

His first opponent was the highly experienced runner-up of the Spanish league, NachoAbella (Real Oviedo), whose playing style Seron couldn't adapt to throughout the match, resulting in a 1:6 loss. His second opponent was the French player and later winner of the entire group, NKantee (PSG). In this match, Seron dominated and handed the Frenchman his only tournament defeat with a score of 5:1. With a 1-1 score and considering the results of the other matches in the group, Seron faced perhaps the most crucial duel that could determine his eventual advancement or elimination from the playoffs. The match against the Scottish player and runner-up of the English league, Marley (Brighton & Hove Albion FC), was developing excellently. Seron held more possession and had more from the combination play. The Scot was more efficient in finishing, and at the 90th minute of the match, the score was tied at 2:2. The referee added two more minutes, at the end of which Marley's team had the ball under control, allowing him one last attacking move. 46 virtual seconds after the end of the added time, Marley scored the winning goal, making it 3:2, leaving Seron without a point from the match, which was very unlucky. The only remaining chance for Seron was to decisively win the last match and hope for favorable results in the other group matches. However, his opponent in that match was the reigning world champion and one of the biggest favorites of the entire eChampions League, German player Umut (RBLZ Gaming). Umut capitalized on his experience from major events and defeated Seron convincingly with a score of 5:1.

With an overall score of one win and three losses, Seron did not advance from the group stage. He showed that he can play against the best, and the world EA FC scene must now reckon with him in the future. "I did my best. Thank you all for your support," Seron conveyed immediately after being eliminated. Throughout the tournament, Emerickson was a great support to him, taking on the role of coach. "We really wanted this to succeed, but on this top-tier stage, mistakes are punished, and small details make the biggest difference," he added.

Photos from the event can be found HERE 

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