Seron before MČR: I am very confident

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22. 11. 2023

On Sunday, the Czech Republic FIFA 24 Championship powered by Hyundai will take place, marking the first major tournament in the new football simulator from EA Sports. Out of hundreds of registered players, only the top four have qualified for Brno through online qualifications, including our star Dominik "Seron" Čermák. His semifinal opponent will be "T9Laky" from Slavia eSports, turning the match into an attractive derby for fans. How does our player feel before the climax of this season? We interviewed him!

What was your perspective on the qualification for the TOP4?
"The qualification was not easy. I lost the first match and had to catch up in the lower bracket, where tough opponents awaited me. Fortunately, I managed to overcome the challenges, including a victory against Marios, and subsequently advanced to the top four."

How confident are you for the MČR final? Describe your match and opponent.
"I am very confident. I enjoy offline tournaments; I like the atmosphere, the opportunity to see people watching us, and the overall feeling of the tournament is different from being at home. I play the first match against Laky, so it's like a small final right at the beginning. I hope to win and get off to a good start. I won in Brno last year as well."

Are you preparing for the tournament in any special way?
"I don't think there's any special preparation. I mainly keep myself in rhythm so as not to lag behind."

Do you think the new game suits you more than the old FIFA?
"I believe that the game is the same as the previous one, maybe that's why it suits me. But there's still plenty of time for many patches; we'll see what comes..."

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