GILLETTE partners up with ENTERPRISE

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14. 11. 2023

Gillette, a brand dedicated to helping men look and feel their best every day, is venturing into the world of esports by collaborating with Enterprise Esports, an esports organization that represents professional gamers. This partnership aims to support men who strive for excellence, whether in gaming, streaming, or competing in large-scale tournaments, such as the upcoming Czech National Esports Championship set to take place in Brno, Czech Republic, expected to host thousands of gaming enthusiasts.

"Gillette's brand philosophy is to provide men with the best possible experience during and beyond shaving. In gaming, just like in other sports, it's essential for players to look and feel their best while playing, as it directly affects their performance. We are excited to contribute to this essential feeling for success in gaming. We share similar values with Enterprise Esports and are pleased to establish such a partnership," said Jakub Grabmüller, Senior Brand Manager at Gillette.

"Gaming has evolved into a significant social element in the lives of players of all generations. Long-lasting friendships and positive memories are created during gaming sessions. We are also focused on creating creative content with innovative elements and aim to build a community of enthusiasts who share positive values associated with gaming culture. We believe that with Gillette, we can further expand these values," explained Miroslav Bodnár, CEO of Enterprise Esports.

The collaboration between Gillette and Enterprise Esports will involve placing the Gillette logo on the players' jerseys, online and social media promotion through Enterprise Esports channels, partnerships with five gaming influencers on their social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Twitch), a PR campaign, in-store communication, and promotion at gaming events. Enterprise, with its in-depth knowledge of the gaming environment, oversees all the campaign's creatives and produces videos through Enterprise Production.

"We are thrilled to support gamers in both the online and offline worlds. Our brand will go the extra mile to ensure players feel good and can focus solely on their performance. We cheer for them to achieve the best results, and we hope all our consumers will join us in creating a massive fan base for Czech esports," added Jakub Grabmüller, Senior Brand Manager at Gillette.

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