Fajn Radio becomes a new partner of ENTERPRISE

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26. 03. 2024

Today, we welcome Fajn Radio as a new partner to ENTERPRISE. Our long-term strategic goal is to get closer to the mainstream audience, and we are pleased to have found common synergy with one of the most listened-to radios among the young and progressive-thinking target group. We announced our partnership through interviews in the morning show directly in the studio of Fajn Radio, where our streamer TheJohny and Jakub Faul from the management arrived.

As part of our long-term cooperation, starting from early April, other well-known faces of our organization will appear both on-air and on Fajn Radio's social networks. This will be followed by custom content elements, entertaining challenges, and gaming strength comparisons between our players and the radio's moderators.

Ondřej Cikán, Program Director of Fajn Radio
"Fajn Radio has long been riding on things that are trendy and cool. We try new AI tools, collaborate with emerging artists, musicians, influencers, and TikTokers on projects like Fajn Nation or Fajn Next Generation. In partnerships, we choose both community stuff for a narrow group of young intellectuals and things that attract the general public, like Survivor, tour of Sofián, etc. When the opportunity to enter the gaming area for esports fans came up, we did not hesitate for a minute. We believe that the partnership with Enterprise Esport will help us reach a new community of fans and offer our current ones content that no other Czech radio has fully delved into yet."

Jakub Faul, Project & Partnership Manager at Enterprise Esports.
"The connection between Enterprise and Fajn Radio makes perfect sense due to the very similar target group and progressive thinking within both brands. Our goal is to bring Enterprise closer to the mainstream audience and show that esports and, by extension, the entire gaming scene in the Czech Republic is dynamically developing and has a lot to offer."

The Fajn Radio logo will appear on the jerseys of all our players and thus will be unmistakably visible at all events we participate in. The nearest will be the eChampions League 2024 in London, where our EA FC24 star Seron will be fighting against the world's best players for a prize pool exceeding 6.5 million crowns.

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