about us

ENTERPRISE esports is a Czechoslovak gaming organization established with a goal to become one of the leading local esports teams and to strive to be successful also internationally.

We were established in March 2020 with the aim of creating a gaming club that will contribute to the formation of the competitive scene in the Czechoslovak environment and will regularly place in the highest ranks. Although ENTERPRISE was founded only recently and is not marked with only superlatives yet, we already house six teams competing in five games (CS:GO, Fortnite, PUBG, Brawl Stars and Rocket League) on both PC and mobile platforms. Our line-ups are composed of leading local players.

We provide support to our players from basic to professional according to their performance and popularity of each respective game title. We believe that the truly successful esport athletes focus not only on in-game skills but also on their physical and mental growth and we will strive to provide for such conditions to our players.

ENTERPRISE is led by a passionate team of people from both the gaming and traditional corporate environments. We are united by having strong passion for esports and a desire to build an attractive brand. We believe that playing competitive multiplayer video games today is not just a pass-time activity of shut-in teenagers, but is a common part of many young people´s lives and, when done on a top-level, a hard skill gained through thousands of hours of practise.

We believe that high-level competition in esports deserves respect and admiration, and we hope that ENTERPRISE becomes an organization that players will feel honoured to represent and fans will be proud of and loyal to. So join us and follow us on our path to success!


Miroslav Bodnár
Jakub Imrich
Ivan Utesil
Roland Nguyen