Mat imko

19years old
Nov Mesto nad Vhom

From an early age, Mat was drawn to sports crossed with computer games. Whenever he wasn't at a football training after school, he played computer games and the game he enjoyed the most was Counter-Strike 1.6. He played this version for about 7 years and then CS:GO got released. He knew from the start that he would enjoy it. He has been playing CS:GO since 2014 and to this day he remembers the first big LAN tournaments and the huge audience of fans that captivated him.

Eventually he had to decide his path, whether pursue football or Counter-Strike. After much deliberation, he chose Counter-Strike and thinks he made the right choice. Mat now watches football even more than when he was playing it actively.

Gaming setup

Glorious Model O Wireless
Connect IT Battle RNBW
HyperX Cloud II