ENTERPRISE and its VALORANT Team Part Ways


As of today, ENTERPRISE concludes the cooperation with its successful VALORANT team, which has been part of EP since September 2020.

“In spite of hopeful performance of our players, we have failed to find mutually attractive conditions for continuing cooperation. We remain interested in VALORANT as an esports title and trust that we will find a new roster. We are thankful to the players for their representation and we wish them a lot of success in their gaming careers.” Informs the COO Jakub Imrich.

The Valorant team consisting of Monsteerr, Magnum, Adamelo, Bruclon and Eryceu have, under the wings of ENTERPRISE, played among the leading Valorant teams both on the local CZ/SK scene as well as EU scene (according to vlr.gg). Individual players have repeatedly placed high in the official RIOT EU rankings.