EP VALORANT is back!


VALORANT is back!

It is our pleasure to announce that Enterprise have signed a new VALORANT roster!

After extensive scouting of our options we have decided to sign the fivesome of Minny, Cantzer, Mafin, Elysium and Alexiik, whom you may know from either twitch.tv or from their successful run in VALORANT East: United league.

"We are proud to welcome VALORANT back among our ranks. The team has a mixture of experienced players and promising young talents. Riot's new e-sport ecosystem allows for organizations to make their way from lower tier competitions into the top tier and we would love to be successuful on this path with our newly signed roster" says Miroslav Bodnár, CEO of Enterprise.

Enterprise have already been home to a roster of better EU caliber in the years of 20/21. The star player of our former roster, Magnum, followed up on his successful start in EP by signing with fnatic and finishing second place in the world finals of VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 in Reykjavik. Bruclon, another key player of the former roster, is to this day part of Enterprise and will share his valuable experience with the new squad.