The huge interest of the Fortnite community led ENTERPRISE to decide to open an "academy" section for the young talented players of this popular game. Academy Players will receive the support of the organization and its senior players so that they can sufficiently develop their gaming skills. After receiving almost 4,000 entries, the event itself took place in the form of a live Twitch stream on the ENTERPRISE channel.

The organization, along with its Fortnite players and collaborating influencers, set the final number of participants at 32 players. The players competed with the legends of the home Fortnite scene - Skailer and Toby, who really tried hard in the 1v1 creative build fight. The chairs of the commentators were taken over by "Buba" and "Natálka", who were supported for a while by "Minny" together with "Adamek".

After consulting with its players, ENTERPRISE decided to accept two candidates - "Barry" and "Wolfik". "Congratulations to Barry and Wolfik and thanks to all participants in the competition and those registered. Selecting suitable candidates from almost four thousand entries is not an easy task at all. We have to say openly that we didn't really expect such a massive interest and it kickstarted our plans to continue inventing interesting challenges for our fan community.” Says COO ENTERPRISE Jakub Imrich.